RMFR Staff 23

Employment Opportunity

Position title: Programs Manager

Reporting to : Organisational Leader

Based in Nadi


What high performing Programs Manager’s need to underpin their success

  1. Drives Change. Responsive to changes in strategic direction and operating practices communicated by RMHC and in accordance with board directives and the directives of the Organisational Leader; ensures local programs is fully aligned. Embraces continuous improvements within RMHC Fiji, is proactive in making suggestions to the Organisational Leader/Board/RMHC Fiji.
  2. Thinks Strategically and Innovatively. Understands, formulates, communicates and implements sound management strategies that are future focused and creative; has a vision for how the future can be better than current reality; focuses on the “big picture’; understands the RMHC branding and underpinning elements.
  3. Optimizes Organizational Performance. Demonstrates and applies an understanding of the key drivers and financials of RMHC Fiji in order to help optimize long-term performance and professionalism; assists in the collection and analysis of data to monitor and report on performance from a quality assurance perspective.
  4. Takes Ownership. Takes personal responsibility for meeting commitments and ensuring that results are achieved in a timely manner; ensures expectations are made clear, priorities established, focus is maintained and tough decisions addressed; is comfortable being held accountable; shows initiative.
  5. Values and Respects Others. Relates to and works well with a diverse group of people; shows cultural and interpersonal sensitivity; is caring and compassionate; values the family unit and a family based approach to children’s development.
  6. Communicates Effectively. Conveys thoughts verbally or in writing in an articulate, confident and compelling manner; shows versatility as a communicator in adapting style to suit varied audiences e.g. board, organisational leader, staff, volunteers, parents, children, community, hospitals, government. Reads and uses body language effectively. Presents a positive image of the organisation. Is approachable, polite and calm.
  7. Optimizes. Team Effectiveness Is a ‘team-player’; works cooperatively with others and acts in ways that supports the success of the overall RMHC team. Leads his/her team to achieve organizational results by recruiting the right people, getting the most out of each team member, building team synergy, delegating and supervising appropriately and creating team confidence and enthusiasm; coaches and develops others to increase their competence to make significant contributions to RMHC.
  8. Plans, Schedules and Priorities. Manages time effectively; is well organized, flexibly multi-tasks and juggles competing priorities on a daily basis; adapts to changing demands and priorities according to urgency and importance.
  9. Shows Motivation and Tenacity. Maintains high levels of drive, enthusiasm, commitment. Shows passion for the job, stamina and resilience; works well under pressure.
  10. Focuses on Guests Needs. Keeps in close touch with the needs of guests; feels and shows empathy and compassion; takes actions that will benefit them. Maintains and promotes a culture of child safety with staff and volunteers, and personally upholds a culture of child safety by behaving in a way that is appropriate, protective of children generally and does not pose a risk to children or young people.
  11. Learns Rapidly. Absorbs information, knowledge and learning from past experiences, other people and resources; encourages the learning and development of others. Approaches problems in a logical, intelligent manner.
Family Room illustration


What high performing Programs Manager need in the way of experience prior and subsequent to joining RMHC ;

Essential prior experience of:

  • Having managed customer relationships successfully and having given great customer service
  • Approaching task and service delivery on a risk management basis
  • Working with/for community based initiatives or human services delivery, involving working with families
  • Leading/building a team of people including experience of recruiting, appraising, rewarding, coaching and developing staff and having addressed a range of challenging staff situations
  • Delegating and utilizing a broad base of resources
  • Having managed and been responsible for a budget and payroll
  • Regular management reporting, operations of financial information systems
  • Quickly building rapport with a diverse range of people
  • Negotiation and conflict management between individuals and difficult personalities across multiple stakeholders/organizational needs
  • Public speaking, external representation or leadership of an organization or cause
  • Experience in the management of staff and volunteers
  • Demonstrated ability to empathize with families and children
  • Demonstrated effective communication and organizational skills
  • Demonstrated capacity to assist in the development of policies and procedures
  • Demonstrated ability to work in harmony as part of a team
  • Demonstrated experience in Microsoft Office suite of products including Excel to intermediate level
  • Experience in the provision of financial and administrative services
  • Ability to work independently, set priorities and meet deadlines
  • Accuracy and attention to detail
  • Clear understanding of principles of confidentiality
  • Demonstrated commitment to working within the principles of Occupational Safety and Health standards
  • Agrees to adhere to the values, policies and procedures contained in the RMHC Child Safe Policy and understands the organization’s commitment to establishing and maintaining a safe, friendly environment for children and young people.

Desirable prior experience of:

  • Running or managing a successful organization
  • Experience in the management of a Residential Care Facility
  • Hospital liaison
  • Project or event management
  • Participation as a charity volunteer
  • Attracting, recruiting and managing volunteers
  • Business writing e.g. policy writing,
  • Promotional activity e.g. public relations, marketing and media exposure
  • Giving and receiving support, empathy and compassion
  • Prior experience of handling emergencies or crises
  • Experience in Financial Management
  • Experience in Human Resource Management
  • Maturity and a well developed sense of responsibility
  • Tolerant and non judgmental
  • Ability to show sensitivity to the needs of staff, volunteers, families and children in crisis/trauma (without becoming personally involved)

Key situations and challenges to master after appointment:


  • Manage the daily operation of RMHC Fiji programs and providing a monthly report to the OL detailing activities undertaken for inclusion in the OL’s communication to the Board
  • Driving the strategic planning agenda with the Organisational Leader and the Board
  • Welcome families and ensure that they are informed of the program guidelines. Daily interaction with families ensuring their adherence to the program guidelines and providing assistance where required.
  • Balancing the challenge of communal living and creating a supportive ‘home’ environment whilst achieving financial and operational efficiencies
  • Be contactable at all times for after-hours emergencies or when unavailable delegate this authority to the Program Manager or Organisational Leader
  • Conduct regular safety and hygiene inspections of all areas of the programs
  • Provide executive coverage in the absence of the program manager


Adopting an ‘outward focus’ in developing and maintaining productive, responsive relationships with a broad range of external stakeholders e.g.

  1. Hospitals and doctors
  2. Other medical professionals
  3. Community organizations and key individuals
  4. Local businesses
  5. Establishing, renewing and building valuable donor relationships
  6. Building responsive, collaborative and well-connected relationships with multiple internal’ stakeholders e.g.
  • RMHC Management Council
  • RMHC staff and volunteers
  • McDonald’s corporation, franchises and suppliers
  • Other Ronald McDonald Houses


  • Promoting and maintaining a culture of child safety within RMHC; ensuring that all concerns and allegations are acted upon and that recruitment, supervision and monitoring practices (of staff and volunteers) are consistent with the safety of children.


  • Active promotion of the programs
  • Effective Hospital liaison
  • Working with all program managers to address and manage any HR and OS&H issues
  • Occasional site visits to the programs to review the quality of service and programs


  • Ensure effective facility management through the provision of regular physical inspections of facilities (RMH and grounds, Family Room & Hospitality Cart)
  • Ensure that the Manager’s (Supervisors/ Volunteers) of the organizations remote facilities (RMH Labasa) provide regular reports on the OS&H and maintenance standards of the facilities. They are to report issues within 24 hours of occurrence
  • Ensure that the PMP (Preventative Maintenance Program) is updated on an annual basis
  • Ensure that all staff are aware of and use the Maintenance Register to record maintenance issues
  • Ensure that all maintenance issues are rectified as soon as practicable (ideally within 24 hours)


  • Experiencing a broad range of HR activity e.g. recruitment, induction, training, knowledge sharing, coaching and development, performance management and succession planning
  • Working with the OL to establish and maintain a high performing team with low staff turnover
  • Experiencing a variety of crisis and conflict management situations
  • Identifying effective self-management and team leadership strategies/coping mechanisms for dealing with crisis, death, grief, loss or “difficult” families
  • Willing to source and take on (in-kind) external “supervision”—coaching and mentoring services to assist with management and leadership challenges
  • Ensuring that yourself and the programs staff, volunteers and families adhere to all procedures and policies e.g. OH&S and Code of Conduct
  • Assist the Organisational Leader with the development of policies and procedures and work within the policy guidelines
  • General supervision of line staff. Ensuring that all staff are working to optimum levels. Reporting to the OL on any areas/issues that require further attention


  • Ensuring that House occupancy is maintained at a high level at all times and reporting on the status of families wait listed or turned away to the Organisational Leader on a monthly basis
  • Work with the OL to ensure the integrity of all Exceed data
  • Oversee accommodation statistics and maintain accurate occupancy and guest records 


  • Work within the financial authority boundaries for this position ($500 for any one purchase. Purchases in excess of $500 must be approved by the Organisational Leader prior to processing)


  • Ongoing coordination of the OS&H Program for all aspects of RMHC programs, including:
    • Liaising with OS&H consultants
    • Coordination of a Maintenance and Occupational Safety & Health register
    • Oversee the implementation and adherence to OS&H policies and procedures
    • Staff training in safe work practices
    • Incident reporting and risk analysis
    • Other duties as required by the Organisational Leader or RMHC Fiji, not limited to Incident reporting and risk analysis

All applications must include a cover letter, detailed CV with 3 referees and emailed to by COB Friday 26th July 2024.

Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.