Our Relationship with McDonald’s

RMHC Founding Mission Partner since 1974

McDonald’s is the Founding Mission Partner to RMHC. Since
1974, the entire McDonald’s system (owner/operators,
suppliers, employees and customers) has helped RMHC
Chapters around the world support families with ill or injured
children. McDonald’s support, globally and here in Fiji,
includes monetary contributions and volunteerism, cause
related marketing promotions and space for RMHC Donation
Boxes in restaurants.

Globally, McDonald’s has helped RMHC positively impact
millions of children and their families each year and continues
to provide valuable resources and support to help expand core
programs and services around the world and here in Fiji.
Although the McDonald’s system is our largest corporate
partner, RMHC Fiji is a non profit corporation and relies on
the support of the entire community and greatly values
donations from the community and other corporate partners.

McDonald’s continues to raise awareness for RMHC Fiji through;

    • The creation of advertising campaigns and sharing our stories within their local communities.
    • Restaurants donate a portion from every Happy Meal & bottled water purchase to support RMHC programs and services
    • Coinbox donations from McDonald’s customers
    •  Members of the McDonald’s Family serve as volunteers on our Board & Management Council
    • Many of McDonald’s suppliers also provide support through financial donations and providing goods and services.

We need the support of the entire Fijian community and greatly value any support you can offer, whether it is through cash donations, your time or fundraising efforts.

McDonald's crew